Provincial police have arrested a suspect in the 1993 murder of Hanover teen Christine Harron, and it is the same man who was charged with the killing nearly 10 years ago.

Anthony Edward Ringel, 44, of Chesley, Ont. has been charged with first-degree murder after being arrested Wednesday night.

Harron’s family members tell CTV News they were told late Wednesday night that new evidence has come to light and that the arrest had been made.

Police are not releasing any information on the new evidence. They say they have not found Harron’s body, but a search is being planned.

OPP Insp. Chris Gilpin says “After advice from the Crown attorneys, we’ve made this arrest and are willing, more than capable of proceeding forward.”

Harron disappeared on May 18, 1993 while walking to John Diefenbaker Secondary School in Hanover.

Tips poured in and close to 100 people were questioned in the disappearance, but the 15-year-old was never found.

OPP joined local police in the investigation in 1999, hoping to uncover new information.

In 2004 police charged Ringel with first-degree murder in relation to Harron’s death, after he initially confessed to the crime.

But the charges were stayed in 2006 by the Crown after a judge threw out the confession saying his rights had been ‘trampled’ and due to the inadmissibility of some of the evidence.

Harron’s body has never been found, despite extensive searches of a wooded area near the Hanover dump in the fall of 2004.

This May will mark the 20-year anniversary of her disappearance.

Mary Ann Russwurm, Harron’s mother, tells CTV News she is hopeful this will bring her daughter’s case to some resolution, but stressed there is no closure when you lose your daughter.

“Well, I’m hoping that the evidence is strong enough that he will be convicted this time and off the streets so everybody else is safe.”

Meanwhile Harron’s aunt Shirley Sachs, hopes they can finally find her neice’s body so they can hold a proper funeral for her.

Ringel was remanded in custody on Thursday and is set to appear in court again on March 4 via video.