LONDON, ONT. -- A quiet afternoon in Thames Park turned dramatic around 1:40 on Tuesday afternoon.

Numerous police cars descended on the park as an area resident gave chase following a man, he suspected, was involved in a break and enter.

He tells CTV News he’d arrived home to see a male with a backpack enter a home nearby, someone he didn’t recognize as being a resident.

Shortly afterwards the man left, and the resident decided to follow while speaking to a 911 operator.

The situation soon escalated into a foot chase as the suspect followed the trail into Thames Park.

At that point the pursuing man, and several witnesses, say the suspect dove into the Thames River from the park, attempting to cross to the other side.

Moments later officers arrived. A shoreline witnesses says at least one officer dove into the water.

The man was eventually apprehended on shore and told “don’t move” and to be prepared to be handcuffed.

Appearing exhausted from the swim, the suspect was arrested and taken up the river bank.

A London police officer at the scene confirmed the man was being sought for a suspected break and enter.

There is no words on any charges, but it is believed they are pending.