LONDON, ONT -- An infrastructure project that began Tuesday in London’s north end is already exposing questionable driving habits by some motorists.

City staff are reminding drivers that Sunningdale Rd. between Richmond and Adelaide St. N will be closed for two months. This comes after several drivers were caught on camera ignoring detours.

It was enough to cause construction worker Antonio Vecchio to begin losing his patience. The J-AAR Excavating employee could be seen warning drivers off who were going around the road-closed barriers on Sunningdale between Bluebell Rd. and Canvass Way.

"So if you’re coming through a closed construction site your insurance will not cover you guys because you guys are trespassing on a road closed sign."

On the Canvas Way side of the detour drivers could be seen winding their way over a curb, only to meet other drivers coming from the opposite way.

On the Bluebell side some drivers or their passengers went so far as to getting out of their vehicle, and physically remove barriers so they can proceed through the closed portion of road. "Somebody moved... opened up the barrels and now they keep coming on through," said the exasperated Vecchio.

As for the project itself, it’s to upgrade the underground infrastructure. Stormwater Management Project Manager, Monica McVicar explained that a major drainage pipe underneath Sunningdale is being replaced.

"Currently the pipe is being blocked and it is inhibiting the flow of water from the storm water management facility in the Uplands North subdivision. So this project looks to reinstate the drainage to allow for adequate flood controls."

The $1.1 million project means the closure of Sunningdale between Richmond and Adelaide St. N. for two months. And while only a small portion of that stretch was closed on this day, it might just as well have been open. Drivers continued to ignore the barriers even during CTV’s interview with the project manager.

McVicar is asking drivers to pay heed to the detours and road closures.

"It’s going to be very important for drivers and pedestrians to actually respect the road closure, not only for their own safety but for the workers that will be on site."