LONDON, ONT. -- On the heels of a horrific two-car crash at Hyde Park Road and Fanshawe Road on Tuesday, where speed is believed to be a factor, London police and OPP are putting out a warning to drivers.

The collision sent three men to hospital, after a Chrysler and a Nissan smashed into each other at the intersection.

"It sounded like a car had exploded right at the intersection with all the debris everywhere," said Ali Makki, the owner of London Lube who helped out after the crash.

The 24-year-old driver of the Chrysler sustained serious injuries, while the 54-year-old driver of the Nissan and a 42-year-old passenger suffered life-threatening injuries. No names have been released.

 A witness told police one of the vehicles was travelling at a high rate of speed.

Officers are looking to interview any witnesses because they believe a third vehicle not involved in the actural crash may have been involved in the incident.

For the past several weeks London police have been tweeting about motorists engaged in stunt driving, which is going 50 km/h over the posted limit.

"We had an occurrence where a motorist was travelling 140 [km/h] in a 60," said Trish McIntyre, the deputy police chief with the London Police Service. "That is deemed to be racing, your car will be impounded for seven days, plus a hefty fine."

Provincial police say they are dealing with similar issues.

"Richmond Street's a prime example just north of London, north of Arva," said OPP Const. Adam Crewdson, "There's been multiple cases of stunt driving in the last couple of months."