As students and staff returned to class Monday, grief counsellors were at St. Matthew Catholic School in Sarnia, Ont., where Noelle Paquette was a teacher.

St. Clair Catholic School Board Director of Education Paul Wubben says during this “inexplicable tragedy” many are turning to their faith.

“We’ve brought a number of counsellors and they will be available throughout the day…students first, of course and then our staff and parents as well. We’ve also brought occasional teachers in, so that we have the opportunity, if somebody feels the need to go and talk to somebody immediately then they can leave classroom.”

The school also hosted several mass services throughout the day.

Paquette, 27, went missing in the early hours of January 1st after a New Year’s Eve party in downtown Sarnia. Her body was found a day later in a woodlot on Mandaumin Road, southeast of the city.

Tanya Bogdanovich, 31, and Michael MacGregor, 19, of Sarnia, were arrest in London on Thursday and each face a charge of first degree murder.

At St. Matthew, the flag was at half-mast to mark the loss of the popular kindergarten teacher whose contract expired in December but was excited to return to the school in 2013.

Kevin Cannon, a former principal at St. Matthew, says “The first time you would meet Noelle, you would immediately recognize how enthusiastic she was. She was very thrilled to have had the opportunity to have been a teacher.”

Duncan and Tina Irvine’s daughter was in Paquette’s class. He says “You see a lot of these things happen on TV, on the news and stuff, but you never think it’s going to hit right at home.”

She adds “It’s unbelievable, I’m still in shock about it…[my daughter’s] young, she doesn’t understand all that well yet.”

A candlelight vigil was also held on Monday evening in the courtyard at Christina and Lochiel Streets in downtown Sarnia.

Visitation for family and friends is being held on Monday afternoon and evening and a funeral is planned for Tuesday morning in Brights Grove, Ont.

Those wishing to make a donation in her honour can visit:

More details revealed about suspects

As the community says goodbye, more information is being revealed about the apparently normal lives of the two suspects.

MacGregor, a former Londoner who attended A.B. Lucas Secondary School, is believed to have worked in construction while Bogdanovich had worked at Lambton College and was reportedly a nurse at a long-term care home.

But the pair has now been linked to a social networking website that encourages users to share their violent pornographic fantasies. describes itself as a “free social network for the BDSM & fetish community” where users share alternative sex fantasies.

MacGregor and Bogdanovich reportedly had profiles on the website under the names of fictional TV characters.

Megan Walker, executive director at the London Abused Women’s Centre, says “hardcore pornography is mainstream pornography…pornography today is hard and cruel and violent. It’s about sexual torture of women. It’s about bondage of women. It’s about the rape of women.”

Police have been tight-lipped since the pair’s arrest last Thursday, but amateur investigators on have been documenting conversations that allegedly took place between the two on the fetish site.

They appear to indicate an obsession with rape and torture, and include references to violent sex acts with one another.

“When I see fetish web pages that talk about raping women as fantasies, kidnapping women as fantasies, I find it extremely alarming because people are not reporting that at all to police,” Walker says.

Police have not commented on how Paquette was killed or whether she knew the suspects.

MacGregor and Bogdanovich are set to appear in court on Thursday.