A highly concentrated drug extracted from the marijuana plant, known as 'shatter,' is being seen in Stratford.

Stratford police say shatter, as well as methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication were seized by the Street Crime Unit on Tuesday.

The drugs seized were valued at over $1,500, and cell phones, weigh scales and baggies were also seized.

Two males in their 40s face numerous charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking in methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription medication.

Shatter is a relatively new drug where THC is extracted from the marijuana plant and concentrated through a chemical process.

Police say the result is a highly addictive product that sells on the streets for $80 to $100 per gram and can lead to overdose.

Because shatter can look like candy, officials are asking the community to be aware of its dangers and its presence in the area.