Stratford police say John Zacher, who was reported missing from Stratford in 1993, has been found alive and well in Ottawa.

Officials say the force's Criminal Investigation Division has been following up on a number of tips over the years, as well as releasing age enhanced sketches which were added to the national database of missing persons.

After new information was received, two Stratford police detectives travelled to Ottawa three days ago to follow up, conducting interviews and surveillance.

On Wednesday night, officials say Zacher was located at his residence and provided a full statement to police about his whereabouts for the last 22 years.

The Halton Regional Police Service holds one outstanding warrant for Zacher, and he is being returned there for a court appearance to answer to the charges.

In his mid- to late-sixties now, Zacher was 45 when he disappeared.

According to the RCMP, he was last seen by his wife at their Stratford home and hadn't been seen or heard form by family or friends since.

 His vehicle was sold a few days after his disappearance in the Ottawa area.