LONDON, ONT. -- A strong line of thunderstorms moved through Southern Ontario Sunday night.

There were reports of thousands of lightning strikes, damaging winds topping 100km/h, hail and torrential downpours.

Cells moved in from Michigan late Sunday evening and the radar signature showed a classic bow echo as the storms raced through southern Ontario from Sarnia east to the Greater Toronto Area.

A bow echo is a type of squall line deformation where one part of the line races forward producing a forward bowed appearance on the radar.

This signature shows us differences in the winds, where the fastest winds run out ahead creating this bow-like structure. This is associated with an increased strength in the storm's downdraft on the backside of the storms.

The Northern Tornadoes Project teams from Western University are investigating the most significant damage from the storm. One team is surveying the Parkhill area, another the Mount Brydges area.

Another line of potentially severe weather is moving in Monday afternoon, and rounds of severe weather are in the forecast this week.