LONDON, ONT. -- With the winter warm-up sending temperatures above freezing another warning from the London Fire Department tonight about the dangers of unstable ice.

It comes just days after a dramatic rescue on Georgian Bay made it clear how quickly trouble can happen.

A video released by the OPP of a couple stranded on a sheet of ice on Georgian Bay captured the public’s attention early this week.

A helicopter was needed to save the pair when the ice broke off and drifted three kilometres from shore.

In the city, waterways may be smaller, but the risks associated with them are identical.

“Please do not attempt to go out any ice, because that ice could fall or break through and you could be in immediate danger,” said Corey Thompson with the London Fire Department Water and Ice Rescue.

Yet for weeks now, a deep-freeze has sent many London and area residents out on the ice.

As seen in this CTV file video most see it as an option to escape COVID boredom.

London’s fire rescue team understands, but makes it clear it only takes a second for the ice to give you something to do — fight for your life!

“Hypothermia can set in very, very quickly. In which case, it would be very, very difficult to attempt to rescue yourself when exposed to not only the cold water, but the cold air,” said Thompson.

And that is if rescuers can not always get to you quickly.

“So it can be sometimes difficult depending on where you are, for us to get to you to rescue you.”

So instead, they say, stay safe and stay off the ice.