London police are involved in a standoff with a man inside a home on Madison Avenue in the city's east end.

Const. Ken Steeves says, "We had a sheriff attend a house on Madison Ave. for the purpose of evicting the occupant. He's refused to leave. We also have information that he is armed with a weapon and is prepared to use force if need be."

At least half-a-dozen cruisers and a sheriff's office vehicle were seen outside the home southwest of Hamilton Road and Highbury Avenue near St. Julien Park.

The situation began to unfold shortly before noon on Monday and police have been asking people to avoid the area and residents to stay indoors.

Students at nearby Ealing Public School on Hamilton Road were not being allowed out due to the standoff, but were allowed to head home at the end of the school day.

"We have the area cordoned off, not only for his safety, but as well as for the members of the community. We do have negotiators communicating with him in the hopes that he will surrender peacefully," Steeves says.

He adds that the man is known to police and has had a violent past.

The man involved called the CTV London tipline around 1 p.m. and indicated that police had surrounded his home, and he believed they would break down his door to remove him from the residence.

He also said he had a crossbow that he used for hunting, but that has not been officially confirmed.

The man claims he was not given notice of a hearing regarding the eviction.

Negotiations between police and the man continue.