The newest member of the St. Thomas Police Service has a special skill set that will really help him stand out on the force.

Trax is a 14-month-old purebred shepherd purchased from a local kennel.

Police Chief Darryl Pinnell says the addition comes after the establishment of their canine unit earlier this summer and thanks to local funding.

“The dog will be a part of our operation response - that means that things like missing people and or investigations involving apprehending suspects.”

Right from the beginning the force was also interested in involving the community, so they held a name the dog contest.

There were three winners of the contest, six-year-old Charlotte Keillor, six-year-old Ryleigh Brayman and 13-year-old Trinity Trottier, who all chose variations on the same name.

“I thought I could jazz it up a little bit and add the ‘x,’ Trottier says. “The name fits perfectly and it's just fabulous. I want a dog like that too!”

Since this is the St. Thomas Police Service's first K9 member, the London Police Service is helping to train Trax.

Pinnell says “We are embedded in their training program, so we are mirroring just about everything that London is doing and we can't thank them enough for their assistance.”

Const. Sean James will be the one working with Trax after being selected as the K9 handler.

“I'm very proud to be the first K9 officer in St. Thomas, it's pretty cool to say. I've worked very hard to get to this, so I’m just excited to get going.”

Trax and his handler will begin training in London in the coming months.