A St. Thomas family desperate to find out what is causing their 16-month-old's severe health issues is asking for the public's help so they can raise enough money to get specialized testing done in the U.S.

"To have a perfectly normal developing baby and then everything. Our world just crashed down on us," says Kayden Henderson's mother Nicole Roach.

Sixteen-month-old Kayden was a happy and healthy baby until one day at the age of five months. Everything changed when his mother noticed he was turning blue and rushed him to hospital.

"He was seizing every 20 seconds for about 45 seconds to a minute for about four hours until they could get control of it," she says.

After spending a couple nights at Children's Hospital in London and undergoing several tests, the family was sent home with seizure medication for Kayden.

However the seizures continued and now 11 months later the problem is getting worse.

"He has got complex seizure disorder, a chromosome disorder, severe developmental delay hypertonia which is low muscle tone and he is now visualy impared," says Roach.

Kayden is also on a feeding tube.

The toddler has undergone numerous testing including a test that looks at 72 seizure genes.

But doctors still cannot pinpoint the cause of his condition.

The family's last hope is specialized procedure that would test 25 thousand genes.

But there is one problem. The test Kayden needs is offered in Ottawa but it takes one to three years to get the results and that is just too long for him to wait.

The same test can be done in the U.S., with results as soon as 16 weeks, but it will cost $10,000.

Considering time is of the essence, the family is desperate to find the funds to get this test done as soon as possible.

"I need to know what we're looking at. I need to know what his future is," says Roach.

"I love him so much, if we lost him i wouldn't know what to do," says Kayden's brother Corey.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page and are hoping that they will be able to raise enough money to hopefully get the answers they need to help their son.

You can donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/kaydenjourney

"Maybe someday we will be lucky and blessed. Maybe a miracle will happen and everything will change just as quick as it happened," says Roach.