MIDDLESEX CENTRE, ONT. -- An incident in a St. Thomas parking lot on Tuesday that saw a vehicle hit a parked SUV and then a woman has prompted a charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Police say the incident began when a man hit a parked SUV in the Walmart parking lot on Talbot Street as he drove to the grocery store next door.

Two women who were in the parked SUV followed the vehicle, then waited for the man to return to exchange information.

When approached, police say the man became confrontational and got in his car to leave.

One woman, who stood behind the vehicle to try to stop him from leaving, was reportedly pushed back several feet when the man reversed out of the spot.

Police say he then fled the busy parking lot at a high rate of speed.

After speaking to the women and reviewing store surveillance video the vehicle and driver were located a short time later.

A 62-year-old St. Thomas man was taken into custody without incident and charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He was released with a future court date.