After being delayed over two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the air fest took off this weekend at the St. Thomas Municipal Airport.

Previously known as the ‘Great Lakes International Airshow Air Fest,’ the event’s theme this year is ‘An Air Experience to Remember.’

“We had an excellent weekend of flying,” said Andrew Buttigieg, the media and public relations director of Air Fest.

“I think it was  the all-around festival atmosphere that we created this year. Much different than your typical airshow where you sit down and just watch planes fly for a few hours,”

“It was just great to see thousands of people here on the ground and enjoy the show,” he said.The event which runs from June 24-26, offers a hand-on experience and the chance to see four First World War planes from The Great War Flying Museum

While aircraft rides and fly-ins will be offered in-between flights, Air Fest will also offer helicopter rides , an Ultimutts Dog Show and a kid’s zone.

Since 2006 Air Fest has distributed $150,000 to the St Thomas Elgin General Hospital, St. John Ambulance, 741 St Thomas Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Knights of Columbus, Military Family Resource and more.

This year the air fest will perform a tribute to the people of Ukraine with a Czechoslovakia Aero L-29 Delfin (dolphin) jet from Waterloo Ont.