The Ministry of Labour has fined St. Joseph's Health Care (SJHC) $50,000 after a nurse was injured while on the job in May 2013.

Justice of the Peace Michael A. Cuthbertson handed down the decision at the the London courthouse on Thursday.

The ministry says the nurse was providing medication to a patient at Parkwood Hospital when a foot got tangled in a cable attacked to the bed. The nurse fell and fractured an arm.

A Ministry of Labour investigation found that the hospital failed to provide adequate information, instruction and supervision with respect to avoiding trip hazards associated with the cords that are part of the bed check equipment.

The cord in this case was not secured in any way and St. Joseph's Health Care London pleaded guilty to failing to protect the health or safety of a worker.

In a statement, Karen Stone, vice president of human resources and facilities redevelopment for SJHC, said administrators deeply regret the incident.

"The health and well-being of our employees are of paramount importance across St. Joseph’s and is central to our commitment to a safe and healthy work environment."

In addition to the fine, the court imposed a 25 per cent victim fine surcharge as required by the Provincial Offences Act.