A London man has been charged with stunt driving for spinning his tires after being handed a ticket for the coating on his vehicle’s windows.

St. Thomas police say shortly after 3 p.m. on Tuesday police pulled over a 2004 BMW for its tinted windows.

The 29-year-old man didn’t agree with the ticket and after the traffic stop was complete, police say he sped away, spinning his tires in the gravel and leaving tire marks on the pavement after squealing his tires.

Police then pulled over the man again and arrested him for stunt driving, seizing his licence for seven days and also impounding his vehicle for seven days.

Quoting the race/stunt driving section of the Highway Traffic Act, police say it includes instances where “all tires not in contact with the highway, cause tire to lose traction, spin or circle without control.”

The man is set to appear in court and faces an automatic six demerit points.