LONDON, ONT. -- Caring for two children with cerebral palsy has become more difficult over the last several years for the Khan family.

Huma and her husband Youseff have had to lift their eldest son Abdullah, 22, in and out of his wheelchair and onto a chair glide.

“It is a lot of transfers, picking him up, bringing him safely down,” Huma says. "It was working for us, until he became an adult. He gained more weight, his father grew five years older.”

For the past three years the Khans, of London, Ont., have been trying to save up to have an elevator installed in the new house they are building.

The fear of one of her sons falling, or her husband getting injured, has led to a GoFundMe campaign to not just help the family afford an elevator; but also keep them together.

“We don’t want him to move to any nursing home, or any other place outside that is safe for him. I want to make this home safe for him. With him being able to live with his family,” says Huma, whose younger son, while still able to move around with the help of a walker, can climb stairs with a lot of effort.

“To be able to keep myself balanced, I have to use both hands on both railings just to be able to life myself up on the stairs,” says Ahmed.

An elevator will allow him to be more independent and not rely on his parents to carry items like a glass of water or a tablet for him.

The goal of the GoFundMe campaign is $60,000 and the family has six months to come up with the funds in order to have it installed in the new house they are building.

It’s a house Huma says will keep her family together, in the short term and long after she’s gone.

“This house is going to be their world. Where they are going to start, and be confident, and where they will be able to live, independently.”