Most of us love a home covered in hundreds, if not thousands, of Christmas lights. But a couple has put a new twist on the idea with the display they've created at their southwest London home.

Doug and Cindy McIntosh, who live on Creston Street, near Southdale and Wellington roads, have placed dozens of large inflatable characters on their front lawn. Each one is intermingled with lights, video displays and music.

Favourite characters like "The Grinch" and "Snoopy" are there, but also more modern takes such as "Minions" and "Star Wars" characters are included.

Doug says the passion is a new one. It began just four years ago when, he tells CTV London, "We went out after Christmas, found some deals, and the deals drove it. People just loved it."

The couple says 50 to 60 cars a night, on average, stop, with most people looking for several minutes. Some even get out of their vehicles to get up close.

Doug admits the display has cost thousands, and he says "London Hydro should send them a Christmas card" for all the power they use to keep it going day and night.

However, he says the costs won't stop them from doing it. Cindy says it's all about making neighbours, and increasingly all Londoners, smile during the holidays.