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'Something was wrong': Two witnesses testify at Boris Panovski retrial


Jeffery Haggis told the court that he was one of the organizers of a bird dog competition at the Hullett Marsh, north of Clinton, Ont., on Sept. 13, 2014.

He said at the end of the day, Donato Frigo, a dog owner, and his wife Eva were on horseback.

Haggis went back to the staging area when he heard some shots, “I looked over and I see Eva riding on her horse and she’s leading Don’s horse…she started to motion with her arms that something was wrong.”

He continued, “As I got closer to her I could see she had blood all over her mouth…she was really in shock, just frantic.”

As Haggis was scrambling to help, he said, “I hollered to my son to call 9-1-1.”

Eva survived her wounds, but Donato died.

Days later, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Boris Panovski, a one-time dog breeder.

Later in court, Haggis’ son Matt testified that he was at the same event.

He said when he saw his dad, “He was frantic…I’ve never seen my dad run before…Eva was just terrified.”

In 2018, the 79 year old was found guilty of first-degree murder after a trial in Goderich, Ont.

However, last spring, a retrial was ordered and the case was moved to St. Thomas.

Once again, Panovski has pleaded not guilty.

The Crown’s case is ongoing. Top Stories

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