LONDON, ONT. -- "Without the rain we have nothing," said a Chatham-Kent farmer, relieved after overnight downpour.

Some farmers rejoiced after much-needed rain fell across Southern Ontario on Friday.

Agriculture in Chatham-Kent is a $3-billion industry that provides over 16,000 jobs.

But the harsh heat felt across Ontario has some farmers concerned for the health of their harvest. 

Leon Leclair, former Chatham-Kent councillor and present farmer says he was "worried" for his land; all 1,000-acres of it.

Leon Leclair at his sugar-bean-field
Leon Leclair at his sugar beet field in Chatham-Kent (Jordyn Read / CTV News)

"Without rain we have rain and all that heat, the question was...was I worried? I was definitely worried," says Leclair. 

"In 40 years of farming for me, the (heat) has never been this bad." 

Environment Canada reports that areas in Chatham-Kent saw just under 75 millimetres of rain overnight, which Leclair says is the perfect amount for his sugar beet fields. 

"Last nights rain was just awesome for me... the sugar beet field has seen limited rain. Yesterday I’m walking around the field worried, (then) we got three inches (of rain) and my land took all the water with no damage."

If farmland receives an overflow of water, there is a draining system nearby that pumps the excess water into Lake Saint Clair. 

Leclair says the water designing system is the second-largest in all of Canada. 

A large downpour of rain also brings the risk of basement flooding. 

Leclair says that the drainage system is built to help with that as well. 

"In Chatham-Kent the basement flooding is draining into this drain also so they are benefiting from it. Some of the sump pumps may go into a combined sewer but some water will also drain into this drain," says Leclair.