LONDON, ONT. -- The February cold has some of our city’s most vulnerable desperate for warmth. When the call for help goes out, London Cares a non-profit agency is there for the homeless.

“We might run into someone who is in medical distress because of the weather, so if that's the case we're getting that person to hospital,” says Chantelle McDonald, one of the workers at London Cares. “We are watching if people are getting frost-bite, connecting them with the services that are open during the times that they need it. “

They are also handing our warm winter gear and blankets along with directing them to one of the city’s warming centres.

Nolagail Youden works for Impact London. She helps out at the Hamilton Road warming centre.

“You know some of these people are wandering around all night with not even the proper clothes not even the having the proper coats or shoes, their feet are frost-bitten their hands are frost-bitten.” Says Youden.

She says they see about 30 to 35 people a day coming in for a meal, coffee and to rest during the day.

“It’s somewhere to just get out of the cold.” adds Youden.

Due to COVID, London Cares is restricted on what kind of winter-wear or blankets they can receive. However if you'd still like to help, you can make a cash donation online.

Impact London says it will accept donations as well. They also say donations of winter socks will help many of their clients over the next several weeks.

McDonald adds, “It's really about meeting people where they're at and then seeing what we can do to make them the most safe during the cold weather. “