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Cold air is filtering back into southern Ontario, with the passage of a cold front. 

Flurries are expected late Thursday evening, and snow squalls are developing in Midwestern Ontario. 

Gusty winds out of the west will generate heavy squalls of Lake Huron. 

Environment Canada has issued snow squall warnings for northern Huron and Perth and northern Grey and Bruce counties. 

Areas under heavy squalls could receive up to 20 cm of accumulation by Friday morning. 

Winter weather conditions will affect travel right across Midwestern Ontario; you can expect reduced visibility and blowing snow.  

Stargazers are hoping for a few breaks in the cloud deck tonight.  

There will be a partial lunar Eclipse.

Lambton, Chatham-Kent, southern Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties will have the best opportunity to see breaks in the cloud deck overnight.

Midwestern Ontario will see cloudy skies overnight. For those of you hoping to catch a glimpse, the peak of the eclipse will be in the middle of night.    

Expect mainly cloudy skies in London Friday with a few sunny breaks. 

There is the risk for flurries and the potential for squalls to set up in the north end of the city. 

Northern Middlesex County could receive up to 4 cm of lake effect snow Friday. 

Snowfall and squalls will continue in Midwestern Ontario with the potential for another 5-10cm of additional snow Friday afternoon.