LONDON ONT -- The public works yard on Bathurst Street is a beehive of activity during prolonged snow events. Trucks are always coming in and out to refill the salt that is dispersed roadways on a continuous basis.

“We started last night around 8:30, with our sanders and salters on our main roads. That continued through the evening, we added some more equipment this morning to remove some of the slush and build up on our main roads,” says Division Manager of Transportation & Roadside Operations John Parsons.

“The local streets still have a lot of snow on them, and we have a lot of work to do yet there. But, I’m sure we’ll get a lot done in the overnight hours.”

London police have also been busy, one officer stopped two different cars within 20 minutes during the morning commute who had not cleared their back window. that is a fine of $110-dollars and dangerous according the London Police Constable Sandasha Bough.

“You can have a vehicle with no rear window, however if you do have a rear window, you must ensure you have a clear view to the roadway and any intersecting roadway. It’s not only a safety hazard to yourself but for other people travelling behind you as well, because the snow can actually blow off and obstruct their view.”

Police say between midnight and noon they had responded to 15 calls which were injury-related, dozens more occurred and were told to attend the Police Reporting Centre.

“Make sure you are travelling, based on road conditions. If you need to expand that stopping distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, do so. We share the message often: See snow, go slow,” says Bough.

The City is also advising people that after the plows come by, there will be a significant amount of heavy snow at the end of your driveway. Take your time, and take breaks according to the Middlesex-London Paramedic Service.


Bus cancellations come as a special weather statement is in place for London-Middlesex with an excepted 15 – 25 cm of snow to come.

The London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District school Board will remain open.

Avon Maitland District School Board will be closed for the day.

The multi-day snowfall event is expected to continue throughout the day into the overnight.

Additional snowfall amounts of five centimetres are possible Tuesday through Wednesday morning.