LONDON, ONT. -- The co-owner of embattled Blackridge Strategy has announced he's left the political consulting firm.

Jake Skinner says he is moving on to open his own public relations firm and focus on his work as a public school board trustee.

Blackridge came under fire after it admitted creating two election websites targeting council candidates Maureen Cassidy and Virginia Ridley in 2018.

Skinner apologized Thursday, saying, "Frankly I was so busy with performing campaign duties for a mayoral campaign, a number of council campaigns, that really that's where my attention was...I don't think that makes me blameless in the matter."

In December a judge ordered the company to turn over client information to Ridley and Cassidy - who are considering a lawsuit.

Skinner says he'd like the opportunity to speak to both of them.

"I think that I deserve blame as well because I was there and, you know, it's something that I am sorry about. And especially with Virginia and Maureen and that's something I would like to pursue is to sit down with them and apologize to them."

The OPP are also reviewing complaints that Blackridge may have violated the Municipal Elections Act in 2018.

Amir Farahi will become the sole owner of Blackridge Strategy.

- With files from CTV's Gerry Dewan