LONDON Ont. - It may have felt "spring-like" outside Saturday but winter is coming. It's evident by the fact that London's Boler Mountain has opened its ski and snowboard runs for the season.

Over three hundred die-hards hit the slopes on opening day.

"We started out with winter-like conditions and it's loosened up to more spring-like snow by the afternoon," says Boler Mountain Team Manager Marty Thody.

The lineups were long for the lift, but that didn't bother competitive youth skiers Phoebe Stephens and Tina Mirilovic. They were loving the fact they could get out earlier than usual.

"It's not too cold, and so we don't have to wear jackets, and it's fun to free ski sometimes," says Mirilovic.

Thody isn't one-hundred percent sure if this is the earliest opening in the club's history, but knows it is the earliest in three decades.

"We've never opened with this deep of a snow pack and in year's past we've opened on natural snow. Our production snow should have no problem getting through the negative weather," adds Thody.

That warm weather may be on it's way over the next few days. Temperatures are projected to reach as high as nine degrees Celsius by Wednesday which could literally put a damper on the early opening.

"We have 30-60 centimeters out there and we think we can take the rain as long as we don't get big winds with that we should be just fine".