Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has cleared an OPP officer in connection with a crash near Wroxeter that left a 29-year-old injured.

The crash happened in early December 2014, under clear and dry nighttime conditions, and left Anthony DIllon with fractures to his spine and skull.

Tony Loparco, SIU director, said in a statement, “The criminal offence that arises for consideration is dangerous driving contrary to s. 249 of the Criminal Code. I am satisfied that there are no reasonable grounds to lay such a charge. The subject officer strictly complied with the policy related to suspect apprehension pursuits."

At the time, Dillon was allegedly driving a stolen Pontiac Grand Prix in South Bruce when an OPP officer attempted to stop the vehicle, and Dillon fled at speeds exceeding 148 km/h.

The officer abandoned the pursuit after about a minute, and radioed in to alert officers in nearby Huron County about the vehicle.

The vehicle was spotted about 90 minutes later near Wroxeter, at which point police activated their emergency lights and Dillon again fled. The officer called off the pursuit when Dillon turned onto a gravel road and the dust obscured visibility from the cruiser.

Dillon reportedly continued to speed down the road at least 40 km/h over the speed limit, eventually spinning out at a curve, colliding with a hydro pole and being ejected from the vehicle.

Loparco added, “In the end, Mr. Dillon’s injuries resulted from his decision once again to drive recklessly away from an officer on a dirt road well after the second pursuit had been called off. There are therefore no reasonable grounds to believe that the subject officer acted in a dangerous or reckless manner during the pursuit and no charges will issue.”