LONDON, ONT. -- Talk about a teachable moment!

COVID-19 has affected virtually every aspect of our lives, especially education and schooling. That includes the patriotic act of singing O Canada before the start of classes in the morning.

According to Public Health Ontario, there is evidence that the act of singing may generate droplets and therefore, possibly spread the virus.

Grade 3 teacher at Holy Rosary Catholic School in London, Alison Zimmerman, came up with the idea after watching a similar class online in Ottawa.

She taught them how to "sing" the national anthem by using sign language while it's played over the PA system.

"My orginial plan was to have them stand at attention but I thought that would be boring," says Zimmerman.

Zimmerman posted a video to Twitter on Nov. 4 and it's since gone viral - garnering well over 12,500 views with a little help from acclaimed Canadian poet and author Margaret Atwood. She retweeted the post to her two million followers.

"That was a huge surprise! I have no idea how she found it."

Zimmerman says she is very proud of her class.

"It was a tough transition...but they jumped at the occasion and have done a great job," she beamed.