GRAND BEND, ONT. -- The signs are up, and the beach is closed.

Municipal workers in Lambton Shores were putting up barricades on Wednesday to stop people from entering the beach area at Grand Bend.

It comes as the Ontario government has ordered all communal or shared, public or private outdoor spaces shut down. That includes public beaches.

It’s an alarming sight for Terry Finlay, who’s lived in ‘The Bend’ for three decades.

“I’m shocked. I mean it needs to be done, but, we are living in strange times now.”

The mayor of Lambton Shores, Bill Weber, says his municipality had been considering the move on its own, but the province acted just before council did.

“We have to do this, we have to do this now, as a community and as a province.”

Weber remains hopeful that by Canada Day a sense of normalcy will return for visitors.

“I’d like to see the beach full of people - that can socialize - for Canada Day celebrations. And it will - certainly - be a celebration if we can do that. But, it takes everybody to do their part to get us there.”

Still, Weber admits, the impact of COVID-19 remains unpredictable, forcing him to remind non-residents to stay away until the invite - we are all waiting for - comes again from Grand Bend.