A bullet shattered a patio door at a Wonderland apartment and a neighbour says she heard four shots ring out about 5:30 Sunday morning.

London police say they got a call after someone heard gunshots.

When they arrived on scene at 918 Wonderland Road South, they found a bullet hole in a door and screen. 

Police say nobody was injured.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said there was silence after the shots were fired.

“There were no screams and then four of five minutes later, police were here.”

She talked to the woman who lives in the unit and was told nobody was harmed.

“It definitely scared the heck out of us,” the woman said. “We’re probably going to move.”

She said she gets along “quite well” with the woman, who lives in the unit with her son, and said there has never been any incidents there. 

Police are continuing to investigate and there is no word on a suspect.