LONDON, ONT -- A London mother of six children is fighting for her life in hospital in Jamaica after a crash with a tour bus that killed four people left her in critical condition.

Anika Walters, 39, was heading to the airport in a vehicle with four men in order to catch a flight home to Canada at the time of the crash, according to her sister Kayla Dobney.

“We’re hoping that she comes back and she is still the same person. The same loving and jovial person that she was.”

Anika is currently in hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The crash occurred as she was on her way to the airport. The vehicle she was riding in collided with a tour bus.

The impact killed the four men inside the car and left Walters the only survivor. There were minor injuries suffered by some on the tour bus.

Local media reports confirm the crash happened around 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 19.

Witnesses say the vehicle was attempting to pass other vehicles when it collided with the bus which was heading in the opposite direction.

The bus was sent into the ditch while the vehicle was ripped apart. Pictures and video from the scene show the extent of the damage.

Jamaica Crash

Anika's other sister, Shanna-Kay Currie, learned of the crash via telephone.

"It was something I couldn't let myself believe. It wasn't real, it still doesn't feel real. It was a shock."

Anika is a mother of six who lives in London. According to Dobney she is undergoing extensive medical treatment in Jamaica and will need air ambulance transportation home, which could cost up to $70,000.

“Her kids are in need of their mother, she is the sole provider for all of them,” said Dobney.

Her injuries are reportedly extensive, including two broken legs, a broken arm, face fractures, a skull fracture and a concussion.

Her eldest son, La'Shawn Walters tells CTV News the extent of what’s happened remains a shock. He continues to replay the phone call, telling him of the crash, in his head.

“Right there and then my heart stopped. At the same time, I was just praying, and hoping to God that she survived.”

La'Shawn says his mother is a “beautiful strong woman,” who raised her children well.

The family says Anika is communicating through grunts and “certain hand signals.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of brining Anika home.

“A dollar, anything helps. We are truly grateful,” adds Currie.

La'Shawn says he does not believe his mother had travel medical insurance.