OTTAWA -- The sentencing hearing for a man who pleaded guilty to unlawfully wearing a military uniform and medals during last year's Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa has been postponed.

Franck Gervais was originally expected in court today, but a judge has agreed to hold off issuing a sentence until Aug. 4.

Lawyer Mark Moors, who spoke on behalf of Gervais, says the request for an extended delay, was necessary to allow preparations for the sentencing hearing to continue.

Gervais, from Cantley, Que., pleaded guilty in March to two charges for donning a military uniform, despite not serving in the military, and for wearing medals he didn't earn.

Additional charges of impersonating a soldier were expected to be formally withdrawn at sentencing.

Gervais came into the spotlight last Nov. 11 when he appeared in a televised interview wearing a Canadian Armed Forces dress uniform.

He also wore a number of decorations including medals for bravery, special service and peacekeeping.

Members of the Canadian Forces quickly came forward after noticing problems with the way Gervais was dressed and the medals he was wearing, and a police investigation was launched.

Investigators discovered that Gervais had never been employed by the Canadian military.

When he appeared in court in March, his lawyer said Gervais regretted his actions and meant no disrespect to military veterans.