The man who was at the wheel when 23-year-old Jan Broz died in a crash on the Western University campus, has been sentenced to two years in jail during a heartbreaking day in court Thursday.

Elton Sabino, 24, has also been sentenced to three years of probation and a six-year driving prohibition.

Sabino was remorseful for his role in the fatal crash in January, and had pleaded guilty to to dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Before the sentencing he said he felt guilty for what happened. "I'm taking full responsibility."

He was driving with two friends in the car when the vehicle struck a tree and flipped onto the passenger side, killing Broz and injuring McKenzie McGuigan.

The court heard evidence that Sabino was driving upwards of 120 kilometres per hour in a 40 kilometre zone just before the crash. The friends had also been drinking and smoking pot.

Justice Eleanor Schnall said she needs to send a message of deterrence to the community. "It's beyond my comprehension to understand why Mr. Sabino did what he did."

She called his actions irresponsible and foolish.

Sabino's lawyer, Benjamin Jefferies, said his client knows he took a life.

"He acknowledges he has done wrong and he's happy to have the court proceedings behind him so he can rehabilitate himself."

For Broz's mother Ivana, the pain is still unbearable.

"Johnny was so talented and so bright," she said. "It's really hard to deal with that loss. I don't really know what I will do now. No sentence will help make the situation better."