The man involved in a shooting at a downtown London bar two years ago will be sentenced in a London court on September 30th.

Jordan Faraj, 20, was convicted of four gun offences in June, including reckless endangerment.

Ashley Hay, 21, was seriously injured after being caught in the crossfire outside Jack’s bar and continues to have a bullet fragment lodged near her spine.

Hay and her mother read victim impact statements at Monday's hearing.

More than two years later, Hay says she is still suffering.

"After being shot I experienced anxiety attacks, not sleeping at night due to pain, fear of being in large crowds, fear of loud noises," Hay's statement read.

Asked if he had anything to say Faraj discussed his rough family life and his time in jail since his arrest in August 2011 saying "Being locked up for this long, 12 more years will ruin me your Honour."

Faraj's defense lawyer John Getliffe is asking for six to eight years in prison while the Crown Attorney wants 12 years.

Getliffe says Faraj is still a young man while Crown Attornedy Elizabeth Maguire emphasized that his actions could have easily been fatal.