WINGHAM, ONT. -- Jacquie Beale has been pushing her walker around the Belmore Arena for the past 14 days, five laps a day.

On Thursday, her ‘70 Laps for 70 Years’ food bank fundraiser came to an end, as a crowd of supporters cheered her on.

“My heart is so full. It’s my two seconds of fame, but it’s to bring attention to the food banks, not just our food bank, but all food banks,” said Beale. 

Beale surpassed her initial goal of $7,000, raising over $10,000 for the North Huron Community Food Share, thanks in part to a final lap donation from the Belgrave Kinsmen for $2,500.

“Let’s face it, we’re all a week or two away from possibly needing the food bank ourselves, so it’s a great cause, it’s something we all should contribute to,” says Kinsmen member, Kevin Scott.

Five laps a day may not sound like much, but for Beale it’s a marathon. She has rotoscoliosis, a degenerative spinal disorder that makes every step, a struggle.

With the support of her community, and a spirit that lights up a room, Beale pushed on, knowing that she’d set a goal, and she needed to reach it.

“Every day people have been pulling over and giving us money. Yesterday I found in my mailbox $30 from my mail carrier. It’s just been coming from all over,” said Beale.

The money raised for the North Huron Community Food Share through her effort has already been earmarked to help seniors in the region.

“We’re busy right now, but we figure around September, things will get even busier at the food share, so we feel more prepared through donations like this, that we can handle that influx, when it comes,” says Roxane Nicholson, from the Wingham-based food bank.

While Beale’s scoliosis means this will be her last walking fundraiser, the soon to be 70-year-old, has plans in place to raise even more money this fall.

“If no one comes up with an idea, then for my 70th in September, we’ll raise another $7,000, and I’ll shave my head.”

If you’d like to push Jacquie’s fundraiser well over the goal, you can reach the North Community Food Share through their Facebook page.