LONDON, ONT. -- Staff with the City of London have recommended six buildings for demolition, three of which are derelict, and the other three are needed for projects such as BRT and the Adelaide Street underpass.

A derelict building is torn down after no actions have been taken by property owners to maintain the buildings despite orders from the city.

The cost of demolition are billed to the property owner.

Here are the three buildings listed as derelict to be torn down by the city.

152 Adelaide St. N.

152 Adelaide St. North

A single-storey home along Adelaide Street near Hamilton Road.

10 Centre St.

10 Centre Rd.

A one-time factory tucked away on Centre Street just a few steps from Wharncliffe Road.

1420 Hyde Park Rd.

1420 Hyde Park Rd.

An old country-style home that has been left vacant along Hyde Park Road not far from Sarnia Road.

The City has also slated three buildings to be demolished in order to make way for projects such as Bus Rapid Transit and the Adelaide Street Underpass.

686-688 Adelaide St. N.

686-688 Adelaide St. North

The two properties were acquired by the City to support the Adelaide Street underpass project. Due to their current condition, they are recommended for demolition.

92 Wellington Rd.

92 Wellington St.

92 Wellington Rd. is located on the east side of Wellington Road between Watson Street and north of Weston Street. The property was acquired for the Wellington Gateway BRT Project with the intention of demolishing the property as it is fully impacted by the project.