London police have identified a suspect in an August townhouse explosion and fire.

On Thursday, investigators revealed they were searching for Moustafa Eldogdog, 24, of London on a wide variety of charges in connection to an Aug. 15 fire at a 1217 Southdale Rd. E. residence.

Eldogdog faces charges of:

  • Arson by negligence
  • Arson causing damage to property
  • Arson with disregard for human life
  • Occupant injuring a building
  • Three counts of possession of a schedule two substance for the purpose of trafficking
  • Possession of a schedule one substance for the purpose of trafficking
  • Unlawfully produce schedule two substance

An investigation by the Arson Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division found evidence of marijuana oil extraction being conducted within the unit. In total police seized drugs valued at $53,490.

Rueben Garcia, 26, was previously charged by London police in the incident.

Investigators are concerned for Eldogdog’s safety, as he may have been injured during the explosion.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.