The investigation into the discovery of three bodies in a vehicle southwest of London, Ont. continues with police scouring the surrounding area.

Multiple OPP K-9 searches were underway Wednesday in the area where the bodies of two males and a female were found on Sunday morning.

Four officers could be seen walking down a long dirt road while another group could be seen walking into a forest not far from where the remains were located.

They bodies were discovered in the area of Bodkin Road and Jones Drive in Middlesex County, just outside the Oneida of the Thames First Nation.

Bodkin Road remains closed to traffic as the investigation continues and post mortem examinations of the bodies are underway.

Community on edge

Meanwhile members of the Oneida of the Thames First Nation are feeling vulnerable after an incident that Chief Jessica Hill says is too close for comfort.

"These things happen from time to time here, so when things are unsettled people feel unsafe."

She is finalizing a letter to members of her community, and a number of new measures are being put in place.

"We don't get the same kind of services, so we have to build our own, those types of services that really meet our needs...And we recognize that we can no longer rely on only the police presence here, and that we have to support our community members."

Short term, a 24-hour hotline has been created and volunteer firefighters are going door-to-dor offering support. Long term, Hill hopes a new security and crisis management team can be put in place.

While she says she's heartbroken about this incident and the shadow it has cast on the community, she is still full of pride.

"Our ancestors came here in 1840, purchased this land so that we could have better life, and we want to build something good on that."