LONDON, ONT. -- Many students across the province are returning to school Monday but in an online setting.

Teachers in London and area boards are contacting students to outline the new way of learning.

“Some of our teachers have reached out, and started formal lessons, others are waiting to get back in schools,” says Thames Valley District School Board education director Mark Fisher.

“We have coordinated efforts so teachers can get materials and technology, just like you would wait in a grocery store to keep everyone safe. But once they are in and have their materials, they will start formal teaching, and that will start in a matter of days.”

He says starting Monday, every student with special education needs who use devices can start to do curbside pickups.

“We spent last week doing a cleaning of those materials to get them ready,” Fisher says.

He says there are also more than 6,000 students who need devices, computers, laptops and tablets. A distribution process for those is being set up this week.

“We're ready to take learning up to the next level. The last two weeks we've directed students to the ministry website, and TVDSB website but have not had formal interaction between students and teachers. That will start next week. We'll have teaching lessons and assessment.”

He says marks to date will stand and there will be an opportunity to improve those. “No student will be disadvantaged academically because of the COVID-19 crisis.”

The London District Catholic School Board and its teachers have also been reaching out to parents and students ahead of Monday.