LONDON, ONT. -- Local school boards are reaching out to families in hopes of reassuring them, as the summer break winds to a close.

However, there is still plenty of apprehension among parents.

Doting Dad Jamieson Roberts could be found at Gibbons Park in London Friday Morning playing with his four year old daughter. She’s registered for senior kindergarten in September, but Roberts said he’s still not certain he’s ready to send her into the great unknown.

“Not safe. I don’t think the Ministry of Education has done enough. I don’t fault the school board. They’re being put in an incredibly difficult position with not enough funding.”

School boards are busy rolling out their pandemic plans, which have hastily come together in the past few days and weeks. Mom Jenny Dixon said she understands it’s going to be a big job, but she said she has to trust in the system.

“It’s going to be a challenge. I think everybody’s going to try their best but I don’t know how it’s going to go. I think there will be challenges for sure.”

Parents aren’t the only ones with mixed emotions in this most unusual of back to school seasons. Teachers CTV News spoke with say they also have to mentally prepare themselves, so they can help families be at ease.

Part of that preparation will take place during three professional development days before the start of school.

“We’ve been in touch with our administration and their main priority is keeping all of us safe and healthy and keeping the kids safe and healthy,” said elementary teacher Miriam Abbey. “I’m sure a lot of good stuff’s going to be put in place.”

Abbey’s friend and colleague teacher Nathalie Kdaih admitted to being nervous but added that the physical school environment has been well planned.

“Everything’s been planned at school, you know all the protocols and health and safety. I think the PD days will kind of guide us in the right direction.”

Meanwhile, the Thames Valley District School Board has released a video on social media, helping to explain to students and parents what they can expect when the go back to school, and how to navigate the new environment.