LONDON, ONT -- Sarnia police say they have arrested a suspect wanted in connection with a New Year’s Eve murder in Toronto.

Sarnia police Const. Gionvanni Sottosanti says, "Our Vice Unit, our Intelligence Unit, our Emergency Response Team and our Crimminal Investigation Team worked with Toronto Police Service to arrest the individual here in Sarnia."

Kedar Guerra, 38, of Sarnia was one of three people charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 43-year-old Clinton Phil Williams.

Williams was shot in a parking garage in Toronto on New Year’s Eve, he later died in hospital as a result of his injuries.

Toronto police were able to identify three suspects in the shooting, one of which was Guerra, who was known to live in Sarnia.

Toronto police reached out to Sarnia police to help locate the suspect and on Monday police attended an address and were able to locate and arrest Guerra without incident.

But it was still a frightening scene for local witnesses.

Contractor Chris Leonard was working on a home nearby on Water Street, and says eight to 12 officers came out of the police statoin carrying guns and moved toward the house, which was just metres away.

"Weapons pointed, they were walking in formation. It surprised me because they didn't flank the building, they went right in the front door...They tried the battering ram to get in the door, and that did not work so well, so they finished off with their feet. So they cleared back, shot the 'flash-bang' and then entered the building."

Neighbours say the actual arrest didn't happen at the home, but later at a nearby business, while a woman was inside the home when police entered.

Two people from Toronto have also been arrested and are facing charges of first-degree murder.

- With files from CTV Toronto and CTV's Sean Irvine