LONDON, ONT. -- As Lambton County enters stage three protocols, people can now go into restaurants and business without wearing protective masks.

But on Monday morning, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley is going to ask his council to pass a by-law making it mandatory in indoor public spaces in his municipality.

“I see it as a very small step to take as we enter stage three,” said Bradley. “We were very blessed in stage one and two, entering Stage 3 I think it's one more step we can take to try and diminish the exposure to COVID.”

Bradley says he's already made attempts at getting a mask by-law passed for all of Lambton, but so far he's received push-back from both the county and the health unit.

“I've had my own issues throughout this with public health in Sarnia-Lambton and in this case the county said no,” added Bradley.

The mayor feels it should be mandated provincially but since it’s not he’s hoping council passes the motion next week.

Bradley says, “You may not like masking, I don't like it, but you do it because there's a greater community good.”