Most people can't imagine winning a dream home, but try to imagine winning the big prize, twice.

That's what has happened for Sarnia couple Marcy and Frank DiMaria, and even they have a hard time believing it.

The couple, along with friend and business partner Mary Anic, arrived in London from Sarnia on Thursday after learning they'd won the Dream Lottery home earlier in the day.

That's when Frank surprised everyone saying, "We won the dream home in Sarnia in 1999."

This time it was Anic who bought the winning ticket for the two of them, and who took the initial call that they'd won.

"I didn't believe it. I thought they were lying to me on the phone," Anic says.

Her sense of disbelief continued when she called Marcy and Frank.

Marcy explains, "We both said, 'Oh yeah, sure, yeah, yeah, sure we did. Yeah.' Maybe it was a little more graphic than that, but not good for the TV."

The three co-own Sissio's Pizza shops in Sarnia and Corunna, and the couple have owned several other businesses.

Marcy thinks all the hours they dedicate to their work is part of the reason for their good fortune.

"Sure maybe there's an element of luck, but the harder you work, the luckier you get. And we have worked a whole lot of 17, 18, 19 hour days - had two hours sleep and gone back to work."

Both women were impressed with the homes, but since both live and work in Sarnia, it's unlikely they'll live in them.

As it stands they're leaning toward taking the $1 million cash prize, but the decision isn't final.

Marcy says, "Four kids, nine grandchildren, two great grandchildren. So, I want to be kind of close to my kids, ya know."

Still Frank says it's always been their practice to share their good fortune, "In Sarnia, when we won the dream home we made a donation back a little."

Officials say the DiMarias aren't the only big winners, as London-area health care has received $25.5 million from the lottery since it launched in 1996.

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