In an unprecedented move, Sarnia city council continues to add sanctions against mayor Mike Bradley.

Last week, Bradley's access to city hall had been restricted to Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

That has now changed again.

"I believe that was a miscommunication with perhaps our lawyer who misunderstood. I'm not sure but the office hours here are 8:30 to 5," says councillor Anne-Marie Gillis.

Earlier this week stemming from that same closed door session on Oct. 6, council has now limited Bradley from communicating with staff directly.

Effective immediately, all emails from Bradley must be sent to Gillis and copied to acting city manager Andre Morin.

"Up to this point, there has been no communication directly for quite a long time between the mayor and the city manager and city clerk. It wasn't just because of the investigation. If you read the report, you'll see his actions were that way," says Gillis.

Late Thursday afternoon, in the public release of the agenda for Monday's council meeting, one of the options that will be debated is relocating the mayor's office to outside of city hall.

There are several options that include office space around the city, but also one option is for the mayor to conduct his business from his own residence.

Another option is for Bradley to undergo sensitivity training.

Bradley will not be in attendance at the meeting Monday.

"I've been advised because I declared a conflict of interest, that I should not be at the meeting, nor should I participate in the meeting by being in the audience, and that avoids any accusations of me being there trying to influence the decision," says Bradley.

If the imposed sanctions seem harsh, political science professor at Western University Andrew Sanction explains council legally must take action.

"The municipal corporation has an obligation to protect its employees from harassment and the council I'm sure is aware of that. If they have to restrict the mayor's access to the building or the mayor's access to employees. They are just doing what they are obligated to do by law."

Bradley will wait for the debate to decide what other sanctions will be imposed before he comments on them but he is anxious to move on.

"It's been a very difficult time for everyone involved here. I just want to see the city get back on track. The public has been very supportive in the sense that they understand that I've said I'm sorry. I've made some mistakes in the work place, I've learned lessons, I'm trying to move on."

A large gathering is expected for Monday's council meeting where the options for further action and how long that action will last will be debated.