A fire safety program is being launched by Middlesex Centre Fire Service following a massive blaze in Melrose on Sunday that destroyed a home.

Arva firefighters, who were the first responding crew at that fire, will be conducting the door-to-door program, along with fire prevention officers, on Monday.

Called After the Fire Program, the initiative is aimed at fire prevention and saving lives, a news release says.

Firefighters will canvas homes in the Melrose area to discuss fire safety and distribute educational materials. Topics they will discuss include cooking safety and candle safety, electrical safety and home escape planning. 

They will also hand out smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and spare batteries to residents who need them.

The fire at the home at 10 Wynfield Lane saw 50 volunteer firefighters flock to the scene.

The cause of the fire has been classified as undetermined, but it is not considered suspicious.

Officials also say the blaze was difficult to extinguish because of the windy conditions.

Three residents were home at the time the fire broke out, and all three got out safely.

The damage estimate to the home was pegged at $1.5 million.