London police had to break up a rowdy outdoor party on Thurman Circle over the long weekend that saw bottles thrown at squad cars.

Police say around 12 a.m. Monday, about 12 officers and members of the Emergency Response Unit had to disperse a crowd of roughly 500 people.

They were part of numerous house parties in the area of Thurman Circle and Farnsborough Crescent.

Police say some of them began to throw bottles at police and the windshield of one of the cruisers was damaged to the tune of $500.

Four people from four different Thurman Circle addresses were issued tickets for violating the city's nuisance by-law.

That can result in a fine of up to $10,000.

“It is extremely discouraging that a small group of students have decided to begin the school year by putting our officers and the community at risk to this degree,” said Supt. Chris Newton, head of the Uniformed Division in a news release. “Our community deserves greater respect.”

It was reminiscent of the St. Patrick's Day riots on nearby Fleming Drive that saw rocks and bottles thrown at officers.

Rioters caused $100,000 in damage and numerous arrests were made, as well as several Fanshawe College students being suspended for their part.