LONDON, ONT. -- Sarnia police say they have issued dozens of fines for violations of the Reopening Ontario Act in recent days.

One such fine was issued to The Leaky Tank Truckstop for allegedly allowing in-house dining.

Police say they initially issued a warning but when the restaurant continued to operate they issued a $800 fine on Wednesday.

Police also issued 24 tickets to those who took park in a protest outside Sarnia City Hall.

Each ticket was also worth $880.

Sarnia police say they will first attempt to educate and warn individuals of their violations before issuing tickets, but note that if people continue to refuse they have no other option than to issue tickets.

In a release police provided the following statement:

“These measures are meant to protect everyone in the community from the spread of the COVID-19 virus until it is under control. We realize that these times have created hardships and challenges for many and we will continue to approach each incident with a measured and balanced approach. Our intent is to ensure everyone’s well-being by minimizing the spread of the COVID 19 virus. The hope is that we can all return to a normal way of life soon.”