LONDON, ONT. -- A controversial plan to build a small subdivision across from the Medowlily Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) will be revised, but neighbours still want a much smaller development.

Meadowlily Road is an environmental oasis in southeast London, which has resisted development pressure in the past, and is poised to push back again.

"This is worth protecting, we are going to stand up for it," says Gary Smith, President of the Friends of Meadowlily Woods.

Planning application sign for 101 MeadowlilyA numbered company, 2690015 Ontario Inc., has applied to build an 89 unit mix of 13 townhomes (four units each) and 37 single detached cluster houses at 101 Meadowlily Rd. South.

"Meadowlily Woods ESA is a greenspace. One of the largest ESAs in the city and they’re across the road from it," explains Smith.

On October 1, a consultant for the developer sent a letter to city hall’s Planning and Environment Committee seeking a two month deferral "to review the additional comments and make the necessary modifications to the plan."

Specifically, the changes will adjust the height and massing of townhomes in the centre block of the development.

Ward 14 Councillor Steve Hillier says emails have been coming in from Londoners across the city who visit Meadowlily Woods and the adjacent Meadowlily Nature Preserve.

"Londoners have been calling, sending messages, saying they use this area, they love it, and they’re very nervous about what could happen," says Hillier.

The Friends of Meadowlily are not against development of the site, but want it further downsized.

Smith tells CTV News his organization could support, "If the proponent wanted to build 12 or 16 single-family homes down there, similar to what’s at the top of the road, and conforms to the overall neighbourhood."

A controversial plan to build a small subdivision

The developer’s request for a two month deferral will be considered by the Planning and Environment Committee on October 5.

Smith says supporters prepared to fight to preserve the unique character of the area.

"The environment, landscape and the setting of this place is worth defending."

Letter from Dillon Consulting