LONDON, Ont. -- If a disaster like the Old East Village gas explosion strikes in the City of London again, emergency officials are asking 'Are you prepared?'

Members of the Egerton St. Baptist Church invited a pair of experts to speak Saturday afternoon about the 'checklists' needed if something like the Woodman Avenue blast was to happen again.

"One of our members lived on street with the gas explosion. It woke you up that you needed to be prepared," says London resident Florence Peddell.

About 50 people, mainly seniors, were listening intently to all the advice from City of London Emergency Manager Henry Klausnitzer and disaster expert Don Brooks.

"You need to have a plan, and get a kit," says Klausnitzer. "Get either a grab-and-go bag or 72 hours of supplies at home."

Peddell says she learned a lot, and the grab-and-go bag was a great idea.

Fellow Londoner Patrick Bestall does a lot of research online into disasters, and felt this seminar would interest him.

"I seriously think there is going to be a lot of new future dangers. I anticipate a more risky world," says Bestall.

Ten weeks after the Woodman Ave explosion, the city has wrapped up it's debrief at the Emergency Operations Centre. Klausnitzer says they learned a few good lessons from the conversations.

"It was a good turnout from first and second responders. The community stepped up wth fundraising but it's unfortunaate that we had to tear down a few houses for safety reasons," added Klausnitzer.

And Bestall, as he was leaving the event, said the handout was as detailed as any piece of information he's read.

"It's got to be one of the best collections I've come across. I can't wait to get home and do our emergency plannning all over again."