Tenants of an apartment building run by the London and Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC) are furious after they say the organization refused to check up on a fellow tenant who they hadn't seen for several weeks.

On Saturday, police were finally called to Springbank Towers at 1194 Commisioners Road West, where they found a man dead in his apartment. The man's death is not deemed suspicious.

Residents of the subsidized housing complex say their seventh floor neighbour - known as Daryl - was last seen on June 3rd, nearly three weeks before.

They tell CTV News several calls were made to the LMHC, but no action was taken on its part to look into their concerns.

Resident Sandy Pepler says "I called London Housing and I talked to the community relations worker and she told me that they have flies that lay eggs in the walls and every spring they pop up and I'm like 'No, there's an odour, this is not just flies laying eggs in the walls, something serious is going on.'"

She said someone arrived at the building to put up fly traps, but didn't check inside her neighbour's apartment.

But Steve Matthew, executive director of the LMHC, says the office has no record of anyone raising specific concerns about the well-being of a tenant.

"At no time did anyone say to LMHC that we believe we have a deceased person or a missing person causing us to do any kind of a check. We did hear that there were some smells, the smells were investigated but there are several sources of smells in a residential high rise."

Matthew says he wants residents to know that their reports were not being dismisssed, "I just want to reassure them that we do not ignore these kinds of situations. There's absolutely no logic in that whatsoever. Somebody comes to us and says we're concerned about an individual by all means we're going to do a check."

He adds that they are considering having LMHC staff knock on some doors if there is a combination of flies and odour being reported.