LONDON, ONT. -- The dozen apartment towers that make up the Cherryhill Village have long been predominately geared to seniors.

On Thursday, residents could be seen leaving 115 Cherryhill Blvd. wearing face masks.

This comes after the building’s management, Minto Properties, confirmed that a resident has tested positive for COVID-19.

"We found out late last week from the spouse of the resident, that their spouse had a confirmed case of COVID. They have been admitted to the hospital, so they are not in our community today,” says Minto’s Chief Operating Officer George Van Noten.

He says precautions to help mitigate the risk of spread began in early January, with Minto Properties reaching out to management to see if they had a pandemic plan in place.

Van Noten says this was followed by a complete shutdown of their amenity spaces and an enhanced cleaning protocol.

“Every two hours in high-traffic areas, elevators, lobbies etc. (are) being cleaned. We have a third-party provider, who can help us with disinfecting, so if there is an outbreak, or if there is an issue, we bring that third-party company who will come in and disinfect the entire building.”

Van Noten says this case is the only one they are aware of at this time. There are 185 suites at 115 Cherryhill Blvd., with roughly 350 residents.

One resident contacted CTV News saying that despite the measures that are in place to protect residents, fears in the building persist.